Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) was founded in 1920 with a single purpose: to raise the standards of dance teaching in the UK.

100 years later, excellence in dance teaching is still at the heart of everything they do.

Today, the RAD is a world-leading dance, education and training organisation, with dance teachers and students in 85 countries, enriching the world’s arts and cultural communities.

From three year olds to 93-year olds the RAD believes in the transformative power of dance to enhance our health and happiness.

RAD vision
  • To be the voice of expertise, globally recognised as a leader in dance, education, and training.
  • To flourish – financially healthy and agile with a diversified income to support our ambitions.
  • To be all-welcoming, with a belief in the power of dance to transform lives, and the value of a diverse workforce and community.
  • To be in-step – working collaboratively to deliver our vision.
  • To be choreographed to deliver, with the right people and processes to realise our objectives.
RAD mission

To inspire the world to dance

Silver Swans

Silver Swans classes are specifically targeted at older learners. Classes are for both novice and experienced dancers, we welcome all older learners of any ability.

Although targeted at those aged over 55, there is no upper or lower age limit to be a Silver Swan. These classes will help improve energy levels.

Most importantly these classes are an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the sense of wellbeing that dance brings.

Silver Swan licensees do not follow any particular syllabus, the classes are free and focus on different technique elements to achieve a piece of repertoire by the end of term.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students’ technique by focussing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique specific exercises to train skill acquisition in a graded and progressive manner from junior through to advanced levels. PBT helps teachers around the world prepare their students to receive the strength they need to achieve their personal best.

PBT focuses on core strength, weight placement and alignment of the body with a gradual approach of carefully designed exercises and repetitions of these exercises that trigger their muscle memory. The program is designed with safe dance methodology to promote a long, healthy career and is now being taught by over 4000+ certified teachers worldwide and over 3500 schools globally have added PBT classes in their curriculum for students.

PBT is not only a program to improve technique in ballet dancers, it is now being appreciated and incorporated in training by all forms of dancers, athletes, physiotherapists and even footballers!

Barre Concept

BarreConcept® is the only internationally accredited barre course in the world, with approval in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

BarreConcept is a creative 60 minute workout, which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga and the grace and technique of ballet. Add to this the strength from sports conditioning and you have all the elements of a typical BarreConcept session.

The BarreConcept Formula
This unique programme is designed to tone the thighs, lift the butt, sculpt the arms and flatten the abdominals. Full range muscular contractions are performed, followed by end range isometric contractions and then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscle. Stretches follow directly afterwards in order to elongate the muscles, creating that long, lean physique. Equipment such as balls, weights and bands are added to the class to challenge the body further.


The aim of DDMIX is to get people moving without being intimidated by the word ‘dance’ or the technicality of the steps, but instead to give a full body workout that is such fun that you don’t even notice that you are exercising. With the vast number of dance styles around the world to choose from, no one will ever get bored!

We have a passion for dance-based fitness and believe the best way of getting fit is by doing something you enjoy. By participating in dance, you can achieve your goals by not looking upon exercise as a chore. We love group exercise classes with non-correctional instruction, that are fun and all inclusive.


Click on the classes below to enrol via our online portal.

If you are unsure which class would be suitable please feel free to get in contact with us.

Term Dates

Spring Term 2022

Term Begins: Friday 7th January
Half Term: Saturday 19th February – Sunday 27th February
Term Ends: Sunday 10th April

Total number of weeks: 13 week term (12 week term Sunday classes)
(Please note: no classes on Friday 8th April)

Summer Term 2022

Term Begins: Monday 25th April (for Sunday classes term starts Sunday 8th May)
Half Term: Monday 30th May – Sunday 5th June
Term Ends: Sunday 17th July

Total number of weeks: 11 week term (10 week term Monday and Sunday classes)
(Please note: no classes on Sunday 1st May and Monday 2nd May)

Additional Summer term notes:
Monday DDMIX 5-6pm term ends Monday 15th August
Silver Swans 1:30-2:30pm term ends Wednesday 27th July

Winter Term 2022

Term Begins: Monday 5th September
Half Term: Monday 31st October – Sunday 6th November
Term Ends: Sunday 11th December

Total number of weeks: 13 week term